Once upon a time,My story I sing for a dime,

In a land far far away,

There lived a young princess, May.
May was beautiful beyond measure,

Certainly the king’s greatest treasure.

She was the fairest in the land,

Wars were fought for her hand.
She roamed around the market place,

A young boy peeped at her through the curtain’s space.

She saw those big round eyes staring,

She didn’t mind them, they seemed only to be caring.
She walked over to him,

He quickly tried to get himself hid,

She pulled him by his torn shirt,

With her eyes a bit did she flirt.
He only looked down,

His face was in a frown,

“She’s the princess” he had to remember,

As he told her his name was September.
The princess smiled as she walked away,

That changed his world in a way,

He dreamt about her all the time ,

An innocent day dream, certainly no crime.
As time went on and on,

In their separate lives they moved on,

Their meeting was a memory buried,

A secret that they each cherished.
In the army he did enlist,

He grew in ranks and was called The Silvermist,

She was now of marriageable age ,

The King wanted the grandest wedding with the most expensive stage.
In coincidence I call fate,

They both met in ballroom eight,

Young Silvermist took her hand,

And they danced inspiring awe in those gathered from every land.
But at the end she didn’t smile,

She wept as she ran a mile,

He stood there watching her run,

And he knew in that moment, she was indeed the one.
In the time that he had,

He held strong and kept from doing bad,

He had only care and love,

For the princess he referred to as his dove.
He hid in the shadow,

He followed her quietly through every meadow,

He did all he could do and more,

To ensure his love would soar.
Little did he know,

What he was doing wasn’t a secret anymore,

She had seen him and she knew it was a very high gambling bid,

To find someone who would love her as Silvermist did.
She cried herself to sleep,

Oh and in the days too she did weep,

She felt in her heart,

The King wouldn’t allow her that part.
In the days that followed,

She wore a mask so hollowed,

His heart she did break,

Over and over. break! Break! BREAK!
He still held on,

He silently sat on his own,

But to the world he did show his frown,

Silvermist was too important to the crown.
He was the most valiant,

The opposing army seemed to be just only as strong as an ant,

He spread the kingdom far and wide,

While in his heart his love he did hide.
After a long while ,

She looked at him waving with a smile,

He was the hero of the land now,

To her his heart still took a bow.
He was himself finally,

He was hers literally,

Together they danced again ,

Her heart he did indeed gain.
He stood before the King,

Waiting to present her the ring,

“I love her so, my king”, he bellowed,

And then his reply had him mellowed.
“Does she love you so Silvermist ?”

“Won’t you answer me this?”

“Has my daughter ever said she loves you?”

The King asked as Silvermist started looking blue.
“But I certainly do”, a sweet voice echoed.

“To him I want to be betrothed”

The princess stood in front of them all,

Strong and firm she was ready to play ball.
But the King just smiled,

He stood up, he laughed so much, he near cried,

Everyone there watched him confused,

There was even a whisper that his brain had blown a fuse.
But the King was wise and just,

He pointed his sword at Silvermist’s chest.

Silvermist did not budge a bit,

He was prepared to take a hit.
The King then handed him his hilt,

On his knees confused Silvermist knelt,

The King silently took off his crown,

And placed it on September Silvermist’s face with a frown.
“I’ve been waiting so long boy”,

“Now smile and wave , your the new King! Ahoy!”

“Come here my dear May”

“You’ll both be married come what may.”
The couple was as happy as could be,

They ruled the kingdom as fair as can be,

My story ends here,

With a happily ever after hear-hear!


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