My dearest Granny,

Nah! I’ll call you Nanny,

I hope you’re really happy,

We’re all here for this little party.

Age is but a number,

i’m pretty sure you’re getting younger,

you’re turning Eighty?

HA! kallam parayalle Nanny.


Do you recall our R.D. Sharma?

i’m sure I’ve accumulated some bad karma,

yes, i did tear off pages,

so the exercises wouldn’t take ages.


I’ve done stuff i regret,

Nice Beatings did i get,

I’m glad you had that cane,

you reduced my levels of insane.


i haven’t been the best grandson,

I’ve surely disappointed you through my run,

I don’t know what good an apology would do,

Hence i’m trying to better, as I’m sure you know true.


You’ve been so strong all along,

Got us through the worst that came along,

we may not have seen eye to eye,

But rest assured to you we shan’t say bye-bye.


Oops! I’ve gone way off track,

let me pick up the slack,

it’s your Eightieth Birthday,

So please wear that grand smile while we crazy grand-kids and those two beautiful great grand-kids say…


“Happy Birthday Nanny Dearest.”


3 thoughts on “Abuelita Turns Eighty

  1. Such a wonderfully heart tugging poem Zafar…..straight from the heart….God bless. Barbara and Vinod-Podanur,

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