Seven years ago,

I still don’t know,

Why life took that turn,

I kind of watched everything burn.

You’re home I guess,

Watching over us in a beautiful white dress.

It’s what you do best,

Never took that ounce of rest.

I wish to see you again,

To see that smile

And to hear your voice call my name.

There’s just so much to share,

So much to ask,

Am I doing good?

Would you be proud?

Through the happy and the sad,

Sometimes even when I’m glad.

All the special moments in life,

Is when missing you gets real bad.

What ifs’ and maybes,

They still have that hold,

Let’s not go there ‘cause..

Well, you do know my thoughts.

Do you have those white wings?

And a sun bright golden yellow ring?

I’m sure you do,

For if not you, then who?

I’ll find you one day,

For this I pray,

Not anytime soon, I hope!

There’s lots here left to do.

But when I do get there,

I’ll lay my whole life bare,

I know you’ll mostly scold me,

After all you’re my mommy.

Whatever happens, that promise still holds true,

Forever in our Hearts,

Forever in our Minds,

Till Life ebbs,

Your Memory,

Will never depart.

i’ll always love you Ma.


One thought on “Seven Years Hence

  1. hey zafar,
    she is with you…after all where could she go leaving u and uncle alone….stay strong…btw nice poem…keep writing…cheers

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