He was tired. It was a long frustrating day at work. All he wanted was to get home.

He stopped at the McDonald’s on M.G. Road on his way.

His brain was on autopilot, it was Friday and Friday was McDonald’s.

He went in and spoke to guy behind the counter before the latter could even issue his usual greeting of,” Good evening sir, Welcome to McDonald’s”, he placed his order, “One Maharaja Mac Combo, take away please.”

He then paid with his credit card and waited for around ten minutes before picking up his dinner and making his way home.

He opened up the locks and parked his car, closed them up again and sat himself down at the dining table with a huge sigh of relief.

Chill… Chill

He looked to the steps smiling as he heard his favorite sound. The sound her padasaram, Anklets, made when she walked.

She walked down the staircase with an eager smile on her face.

“Hey sweetheart”, he called out to her.

She kept smiling and walked behind his chair and hugged him. Her face gently touched his as she whispered, “I missed you.”

He brushed his face against hers and whispered back how he missed her too.

She then sat beside him, resting her head on his shoulder as he finished his dinner.

As soon as he binned the leftovers and the packaging she took his hand in hers and pulled him along,” Come to bed, you’re tired. You need to sleep.”

“Wait wait I need some time, you go ahead, I’ll be right up”, he told her.

She smiled and climbed the stairs as he started to lock up. Chill Chill, He smiled again listening to the sound.

He watched the news for a bit before shutting off the T.V. and the lights and made his way to his bedroom.

She sat on his bed watching him, smiling to herself as he changed into his night clothes and made his way to her.

As he lay down fidgeting on his phone, she started singing. He paused listening to her voice, smiling with his eyes closed.

He whispered, “Goodnight Sweetheart” falling asleep as she kept singing, running her hand through his hair.


He woke up and sat on his bed. Silently listening to her song playing on his phone.

He picked it up and shut it down.

He sat there in the silence for a moment before picking himself up. He walked over to his cupboard and unlocked the safe. Inside a pair of padasarams was neatly placed. He picked them up.

Chill Chill.

He sat back on his bed holding them and listening to the beautiful sound they made and whispered, “I miss you so much sweetheart” , His eyes focused on her photo which was framed and hung on the wall.

He sat there staring at it for some more time before placing the padasarams back and then got ready for office. Saturday. Saturday was Dosa.




5 thoughts on “Padasaram: A Short Story

  1. strains of an imbecile who has fixed menus for particular days and who still makes us laugh. by the way if the heroes and heroines keep kicking the bucket, you will end up in the twilight zone searching for characters. psychoanalyzing – it seems you refuse to move on – a guilty feeling that if you do you wouldn’t be true to your love. well life does not stop – so move on, i mean the character of course

  2. So my dear…
    This was it. That was rolling through your mind..

    Paadasaram.. Chill Chill…Nice one… 🙂
    Now come, go and get some Dosa.. :p

    Waiting for next.. 🙂

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