Dear lil big sis,You I do miss,

I know you’re mad at me,

It’s cool. The why, I do see.

I am truly sorry,

I didn’t mean to cause such a worry.

Enough of my apologies?

Well I do suck at it jeez 😁

Well it is your day,

Do have fun that’s all I’ll say.
So have a blast,

Make memories to last,

Leave all the squabbles in the past (Mine atleast),

And look forward to life moving fast.
I love you dear,

I do miss you I fear,

Stop writing? Hear hear

I’ll stop hurting your ear. (Figuratively Ofc 😝)

Happy birthday lulu,

Too bad your name rhymes with ullu,

Yes I did that on purpose,

After all it’s a name reserved for us.


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