Crazy Dream

I’m lying on my bed,

Thinking of seeing red,

My lack of sleep,

And thoughts so deep,

Fuel a dream ,

As I imagine a scream.

A voice calls out to me,

A hero I must be.

I run towards it,

On my head I do get hit.

I wake up right Next to her,

My vision is still a blur,

I gaze ahead,

And finally see a figure with a hood over his head.

I struggle with the rope,

But I don’t lose hope.

I do indeed break free,

Asking her to run as he tries holding me.

I fight out of his hold,

Throwing punches so bold.

I overpower him,

Throwing back his hood on a whim.

What I see scares me,

Under the hood it is me.

It seems I’m the villain too,

I pause, confused on what to do.

With a rush I open my eye,

Still in my room I lie,

It is a dream I tell myself,

As I shutoff the alarm on the shelf.


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