This is something i wrote when i thought that someone i really cared about had left me for good. It’s not much but i do hope you enjoy 🙂 and to the sharers, thank you first of all 😀 and second, please do share only the link, and not the content copy pasted as such, while i don’t earn anything from this blog, i still love seeing the number of views go up, hehe 😉

I felt irritated as I made my way to my room. “Please clean your room ! Now! “, I mocked in a high pitched voice as I looked around my messy space trying to decide where to start.

I did not like this one bit. “I am 30 bloody years old.” I said to myself, visibly pissed off.

As I turned around still searching for a place to start, my gaze fell on the dark wood cupboard on the wall.

I had not opened that in ages. Curiosity and my laziness to clean got the better of me.

I made my way over to it and gently pulled it open. i checked the hinges first, they seemed to be fine . I slowly lowered it and let go when I was sure it would hold. I paused for a bit, wondering whether I should go on. I remembered half the stuff I knew I’d find inside and just thinking about some of them made my heart ache.

I Braced myself and looked inside instantly recognising a lot of stuff. My dad’s old phone. My Reynolds pen case, a white lil teddy wearing a pink hat. Lots of cards and cars and what not.

I smiled to myself as I felt my irritation leave me. This was my past right here, a cupboard full of it. I smiled again as I waded through the stuff, laughing to myself as I recognised the memories behind most. None of them seemed to bother me much now.

And then I saw it. A card board box neatly placed far inside the top shelf.

I pulled it out. “Memories” was written boldly over it.

I took the box over to my bed and sat facing away from the door. I felt myself smile as I placed my hands on either side of it. “Memories”, I whispered to myself as I opened it up.

A lot of  folded papers and photographs were placed neatly inside.

I took out a few of the photos.

My two Best friends and myself in Goa, That I was looking forward to meeting them for a beer on Sunday and made a mental note to take this along. Pretty sure that we’d be grinning like idiots remembering that trip.

My dad, my mom, my brothers when they were young. My sisters. Cute little boo. My friends, my bestie and her then future husband.

I was smiling like an idiot as my eyes wandered to a cd inside the box , I pulled it out as I felt the smile vanish.

It had a home-made pink cover , with “memories” written over it in a cheesy font. Her smiling beautiful face was on It.  Her songs.”her album”, I thought to myself trying to smile.

I hummed,” todhe badmaash” as I placed the cd back gently into the box right next to a book I recognised immediately. “Our wish book “, I exclaimed! I trifled through the pages with my fingers before returning my attention to the photographs.

After a few more pictures of my CBR, as I was sure, it was all her. The love of my life. There were dozens of pictures, ones I knew she liked, and some I loved. The vidyarambam one which I adored and several others slowly made a few drops fall from my eyes. At last I came to it, the one that was my favourite,

A selfie.

I tried to remember from where. The cocoa tree at panampilly nagar I think.

An upward angled shot of the two of us.

I was wearing a violet shirt and sporting my beard, I did miss my beard.

And there she was looking amazing in a white top, laughing, covering her face with her fingers, her beautiful eyes gazing through the gaps, happy. So happy.

I smiled again as more tears dropped down.

I kept staring at it. At her.

My first love, The love of my life.

My thoughts wandered as I suddenly realised that I was not alone.

My wife was standing right next to me. She stood there staring wide eyed. Her gaze jumped between the box and the photo in my hand. “What’s this??”

She asked. I just sat there, silent, staring at her. “I can’t believe you still have all this.” She said in a very surprised tone.

She snatched the photo from my hand and sat down on my lap.

She smiled as she looked at me,” we look so good together in this, no? I love this photo! Typical DP photo, remember??”.

I smiled at her and passed my fingers through her hair,” does this mean you’ll help clean? “I asked the love of my life, half joking as I held her in a deep embrace.


8 thoughts on “My Old Stuff: A Short Story

  1. Aww Zafar.. 🙂 This one is cute… After all this left a smile on my face… too lovely… 🙂
    stay blessed & Keep on writing… 🙂

      1. Wish I too have some one to take a selfie with.. 🙂 in COCOA TREE 😛

        Your way of writing is too professional.. Both in poems & stories.. 🙂

  2. Lovely.. Perspective is the name of the game.. Read it all over again with a different perspective.. Hope you haven’t stopped with just short stories..

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