Every Word

The words you spoke,

They haunt me broke,
To me you are mine,
I know I’m a swine .

Forgive my actions,
Forgive my words,
I was in haste,
My mind in a haze.
My emotions do run wild,
I forget about your side,
I forget your feelings,
Through all my dealings.
I say sorry from my heart,
I want no part,
If it means your tear,
I’ll walk away, I fear.
Let you go I will,
If it means you’ll smile still,
I’ll go on,
Responsibilities to own.
My face will be my mask,
Till I complete my task,
I’ll always hope,
It’s written in my life scope.
Should you choose me,
I will shout in glee,
The chances are slim,
But I do live life on a whim .
These words I write,
My poems cannot lie,
To me you are mine,
It’s a dream, yes,but I’m fine.
I do hope you’ll bear,
This life I want to share,
It’s selfish to ask,
But it is my task.

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