Crazy Me

I sit here,

Too bored I fear,
Don’t know to what end,
But I let my pen, it’s ink, spend.

I think of you,
Of course that’s true,
But this time I’m not blue,
I just kinda miss you.
This ones a different take,
From my usual bake,
No senti here,
This I promise dear.
I’m happy now,
Tying life in a bow,
When sunshine smiles,
The darkness just dies.
What ifs and maybes,
I care not for where they be,
I live life in the present,
And trust me, I represent.
I plan too much,
I am as such,
I’m a born romantic, they say,
Book a psychiatrist, I pray.
I do things as I see fit,
It’s a part of me, so zip it.
I always do my best,
Be it cakes or all the rest.
This has gone too long,
Poems should be like a song,
Short and sweet,
Playing on a never-forget beat.
And so my pen I rest,
As I place my dreams on my chest ,
I wonder what will blend,
As I close my eyes and hit send.

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